Late Night Eats | La Vic’s and the “Secret Sauce”

LaVics 3

Ask any local in San Jose where the best Mexican food is after an epic night of partying and you’ll most likely hear La Victoria’s – or simply La Vic‘s. . But how can La Vic’s be the best in San Jose if there are so many great restaurants there to begin with? Well, the secret may be in the “sauce…”

LaVics 1

The secret to La Vic’s success has got to be its “secret sauce. The sauce goes on everything! The burritos, the tacos, the nachos, and and all the other foods they happen to serve. Curious as to what makes the sauce so good, I went ahead and asked the owners what the ingredients of its secret sauce are, but everyone was very tight-lipped. Guess the secret will continue to be a secret safely hidden away, so that the masses will continue to make their way to La Vic’s for a delicious bite into heaven. At least we can always order the sauce and take it home.

Don’t get me wrong. The sauce is fantastic, but its not the only reason why you should go there. Want another? Well, what if I told you that they also make the only-in-fairy tales (actually only in San Diego) the California Burrito – a burrito filled with your favorite choice of meat, french fries, bacon, and all the trimmings wrapped up in a burrito of deliciousness:

LaVics 2

Overall, La Vic’s is the only spot to hit the spot anytime of the day. Oh man, I’m getting hungry!

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