LATYRX feat. Forrest Day | “Exclamation Point”


In writing and literature, an exclamation point (!) is normally used to put emphasis on a sentence or statement that requires extra attention. But what happens when it becomes overused? Does it lose any of its impact? In Exclamation Point, the eye-opening lyrics of LATYRX (Lateef + Lyrics Born) featuring Forrest Day, challenge our notion of overemphasis, or rather what we put emphasis on. Which begs the question, do we really need to put emphasis on things that aren’t even worth our attention? My answer: no. But that begs another question to be asked: if we shouldn’t put emphasis on things that aren’t even worth out attention, then what do we put our attention on? I don’t know. But I guess I’ll just get off of my soapbox and go back to my “Blah. Blah. Blah.” I could be way off on what this music video is about, but that’s my interpretation to this (what I feel) is a profound message in music. [iTunes link]

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