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The SMART FIT Carrying Pouch designed by Lihit Lab, a Japanese-based manufacturer of office supplies and more, is one handy accessory that carries all your essentials in a stylish yet minimalistic way. Colors options include: black, orange, blue, forest green, and cream. Sizes vary. The size option I chose was the A5 – made to fit most 7″ tablets and similar sized items. There is no strap included, meaning you can simply carry the pouch around like a book. But if you do want a strap, its available for purchase. Best thing about the SMART FIT Carrying Pouch? The price: ($35).

I recently saw this carrying pouch on our regular trek to Japantown in San Francisco, and it just caught my eye right away. I’m always on the lookout for bags and pouches to make space in my pockets for other things or to just clean up my clothing lines. Either way, I am a bag addict. Just ask K.



With my SMART FIT carrying pouch, I’m able to safely transport my tablet, moleskin notebook, wallet, phone, and pen – all of it, in an unassuming yet stylish way. Of course, you can always put more into the A5 pouch, but I don’t recommend you putting too much into it as it’ll add an unwanted bulk to the overall look. If you’re going to do that, I recommend you getting the larger version.


The SMART FIT Carrying Pouch is made with super durable, water-resistant CORDURA® HP fabric. And although I haven’t spilled anything on the pouch yet to prove the CORDURA® claim, the pouch did hold up well against the rain. The strap isn’t strong enough to prevent muggers from cutting it, but it does give a bit of resistance. If you’re worried about that like I am, especially when you have all your important things not on your body, then I suggest you hold the pouch really close.

Overall, I recommend the SMART FIT Carrying Pouch by LIHIT LAB for all your modern carrying needs.


Street price: ($35) for the A5 Model.


★★★★★ out of ★★★★★


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