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Linden Lab, a San Francisco based software company, is creator of Second Life – the most immersive 3D virtual digital world created entirely by its users. From the environments you live in and to the places you explore, even down to the slightest detail of your avatar; you are in control of everything that goes on in Second Life. And to have the freedom to do anything you want in the digital world? Now that is empowering.

Since its release in 2003, a lot has changed in the technological space which has advanced how we do things on computers. Processors are more powerful, television and computer monitors are in high-definition, and the world cannot stop talking about virtual reality. Which made me think, is Linden Lab doing anything in the virtual reality space? I mean, come on. They need to! Second Life is the de facto standard, I feel, when it comes to creating digital worlds and online lifestyles. So, to create a platform for virtual reality, especially with the technology we have out now, is a necessary evolution.

And to my delight, there is. And the name is Sansar. This is what we know right now (which is not much):

Sansar allows you to create, share, and monetize your own social VR experiences. Opening to the public in early 2017.

In the meantime, I’m off to live my Second Life. If you’re online, please say hello to hackanaut!

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