LUMOback | Stand Tall. Correct Posture for All

Are you a slouch? Humped over your desk with a humpback bigger than that guy from Notré Dame? Then you’re going to want to check out the LUMOback posture sensor. The LUMOback is worn around the lower back, and helps you stand taller and feel better by giving you a gentle vibration to your lower back, reminding you to sit or stand straight. Combine the posture sensor with the LUMOback app and using the latest in Bluetooth technology, LUMOback will also track your movements wirelessly and give you feedback of your progress over time through your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad app. The LUMOback was also built to be slim and comfortable so you feel barely feel it on you. So who’s got your back? When it comes to standing upright, it’s looking like LUMOback does for sure.


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