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Light is an essential element in photography that if properly understood, can empower you to create the type of art you want to make. However, light is not so easily determinable. Luckily, there are tools. Like the light meter – a real useful tool that measures the intensity of light, so you can adjust the settings on your DSLR cameras to create perfectly exposed photos. For professionals, light meters are an essential for the photographer’s toolkit because it saves time and provides vital information for the photographer. However, light meters are expensive and may be a bit cumbersome to carry around. Luckily, there is a more affordable option and it fits perfectly with the device that you already carry with you in your pocket all the time – your Apple iPhone.

LUXI is a diffusion dome made to fit over your iPhone’s front-facing camera that, when coupled with the a smartphone App, transforms your iPhone into an incidental light meter. But what makes Luxi better than all the other options out now? Let’s find out:



I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like carrying a lot of camera gear. So, what I like about the Luxi is that its compact (fits right in your pocket) allowing me to take it anywhere. With a traditional light meter, one would expect to carry a camera bag to carry it along with all the other gears, but since I’m not a professional photographer and I have a fairly minimalist camera set-up, the Luxi affords me the luxury of having a light meter without any of the bulk.

Next, price. If you go online and check out some of the top-tier light meters, they aren’t cheap. For what it does, Luxi is priced at just a fraction of the cost.

Finally, convenience. I always carry my phone with me. So, it makes sense to me that if I’m out with my camera and want to do an impromptu head-hunting session, I’d like to know how the light will affect my shots and the Luxi allows me to measure that light and make adjustments on the fly.

Now, mind you I am no pro-photographer, but to have an incidental light meter such as the Luxi has proven to be very useful to me in my photography.


The Luxi looks like its built to last a long time. I want to say its plastic, but I’m not sure what kind. I’m pretty sure, though, that if you accidentally dropped it from pants-pocket level, it would survive the fall. Dare I say, even survive a fall from eye-level. Any higher and you’re on your own, bub.

Overall, I recommend the Luxi Light Meter by ES Devices for all your portable, incidental light meter needs.


Street price: ($30).


If the ‘L’ in Luxi means portability and ‘in-focus’ for mobility, then the Luxi Light Meter gets:
★★★★★ out of ★★★★★


***DISCLAIMER: I was a backer on Kickstarter. CONGRATS!!!

[all product photos by edoPENO]

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