Lytro Immerge | Live Action VR Cinematic Capture

Lytro Immerge from Lytro on Vimeo.

Lytro Immerge is a cinematic capture system that aims to blend virtual reality and computer graphics into another, immersive, dimension. Using 6-degree of viewing freedom, Immerge not only captures a scene, but rebuilds the immersion of a scene, so you can experience it many new ways. Like for example: say you were to capture a scene at Niagara Falls. How awesome would it be wearing your VR headset, then jumping off to the water-abyss? Hey, it could happen.

The same idea can be used to add graphics to the dive from Niagara Falls to add even more, like riding atop an eagle and soaring downward into the water-abyss. So instead of diving, you could be flying down Niagara Falls. This is only a sample-use case, but the possibilities of VR right now are endless. And to have a capture system that gives you a realistic-looking experience, instead of teh “still looks like a computer” one, can only mean good things in VR. At least I can wish.

For more info on Lytro‘s Immerge, go here.

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