Macworld 2010 :: Swagger Like Us

What’s teh greatest part about attending tradeshows, eXPOs, or conventions? All the swag you have access to! From first dibs on the latest HauteMerch, to special “show” pricing on goods, the reason why so many people flock to the big events is – the swag, of course! Let’s see what I was able to pick up at Macworld 2010.

Don’t just think differently, be different!” That’s the Bone Collection approach to products. I picked up a “couple” of cute 2GB USB memory sticks. Guess which ones I picked up? Hint: they wear tuxedos.

Do you ever have issues with annoying, tangled headphone cords? Well, I do. So when I stumbled upon the Bud Sock solution at Macworld, I was pretty stoked. Tangled cords are a thing of the past once you put on your Bud Sock! If you’re interested in grabbing your own, head on over to Bud Sock for more info and pricing.

Looking to set yourself apart from the many Apple clone owners? Then consider the Artistic expression of GelaSkins for your Macbook/iPhone/iTouch. From tokidoki to HauteArt, making yourself unique is as simple as slapping on some Skin. GelaSkin that is.

I’m a pretty heavy iPhone user. So when I needed to find a solution to extend the battery life on my iPhone, Rob_Base recommended the RichardSolo battery pack. This pack is great! One full charge of the battery pack can fully re-charge your iPhone up to 5x’s! That’s enough to cover a tradeshow for the entire day! Hello Macworld  if your as heavy an iPhone user as I am, then I highly recommend RichardSolo!

Overall, the Swag at Macworld was mos def worth the price of admission. Great consumer products at very reasonable prices. Why can’t they do this every year?! Oh wait. They do! See ya next year!

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