Mailbox | The only email App you’ll ever need


Mailbox [iTunes Link] is an app designed to elegantly display your emails on your mobile device in a fast and convenient way. Features include: quickly scanning emails like a conversation at once with chat-like organization, swiping emails to send them to your archives or trash, snoozing emails for later viewing, and even push notifications for new messages. Mailbox also intends to accomplish fast speeds and convenience by checking your emails from the cloud and delivering them securely to your phone. It’s about time our inboxes have been re-imagined!

Overall, Mailbox is poised to be a great app – fast, convenient, and elegantly designed. Just the way your email inbox was meant to be. Now, if we can only get through the line faster! Learn more about Mailbox here.

P.S. be prepared to wait a wh………………..ile…..

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