Making the Switch to Google Nexus 6

Google phones are a bit foreign to me, namely because I’m so used to other phones, but I became really intrigued by what Android-based phones had to offer after I saw the Nexus 6. For one, the screen is big. At 6 inches, that’s a lot of screen real-estate to surf the net and check my email. Next, Nexus 6 boasts performance upgrades by way of better guts and electronics. Another feature that I like is that it communicates will all things Google – so that means my email, calendar, Google Apps, and more integrate seamlessly with Android phones. Lastly, the new Android 5.0 Lollipop has a modern look that I like and it enables all your gadgets to talk with each other – Google desktops, watches and phones. Now, if it only were available, I might be able to make the switch…



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