Mara Hruby “Simply Beautiful”

Mara Hruby is an ever so soulful talent hailing from Oakland, CA that burst onto the music scene in the beginning of 2010 playing shows all around the Bay Area. Her soulfully intrinsic voice is not only addicting, her music has a way of putting you uplifting you right into the heavens. And can you believe it? It has already been two years since she first released her debut EP “From Her Eyes.” To celebrate, Mara Hruby blesses us with Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful“. Make your way to to listen to her beautiful rendition. And you can make your way to Audiomack for the Download.

Now, let me have your attention for just a moment more to bring you the first video that opened my eyes to Mara Hruby‘s music. Please enJoi:

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