Men’s Grooming: One Haircut. Many Hairstyles

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Guys. Let me ask you something: Must we be locked-in to one hairstyle day-in and day-out? I say break free from the monotony of drab (same)daily hairstyles and switch up your style. Unless you are bald or like to wear hats 24/7, there should be no reason why you should style your hair the same way day after day. I firmly believe that your hair, and the way you style your hair, should be as diverse as the clothes in your closet. You don’t rock the same tee everyday, so why should you rock the same hairstyle everyday?

That’s why I’d like to suggest a solution to all your hairstyle woes (like it ever crossed your mind that you have any hair woes to begin with): One haircut. Many hairstyles. The idea is simple: instead of rockin’ the same haircut everyday, switch it up. I know, I know. The faux-hawk and/or combover styles are nice to rock, but don’t style it that way. Everyday. Instead. Switch it up. Match your hairstyle with what you’re wearing that day. That way, the look stays as fresh as you are and as fresh as that fit you’re styling in.

Below are some hairstyles that work for me. Find the “one haircut to rule them all” that works for you. If you’ve got any style tips, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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