Midi Fighter Spectra by Dj Tech Tools


From the music labs of DJ TechTools in San Francisco emerges the Midi Fighter Spectra – a digital music controller with its core built on rapid-fire arcade buttons to deliver sound in a new and creative way. Features of tthe Spectra include: 16 Sanwa arcade buttons, full-color ring lighting, six side mounted configurable function buttons, and more – all customizable.

What I really like about the Midi Fighter Spectra is its customization and look. Its raw. But looks alone won’t make you a musician. The Midi Fighter Spectra is a means to an end and a stylish one at that. A means where you’ll still have to put in work to learn how to use this tool effectively, but once you do learn how to use it, you’ll have a good time making the music you love.


[image via DJ Tech Tools]

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