Mission Workshop | Indian Summer Riding Kit


If you’re already gearing up for winter in the Bay Area by stocking up on fleeces and coats, then you surely haven’t lived here long enough to know that our summers usually last a bit longer than other places. What this means to you and me is that we don’t have to put away those short and bro tanks j u s t yet. And the same goes for bicyclists. In fact, MISSION WORKSHOP of San Francisco, CA released a new Indian Summer Riding Kit in time for our unique season. The KIT is a collection of merino wool shirts and stretch shorts perfect for the bicyclist to wear during the warmer months to come here in the Bay Area. The KIT includes items called the Stahl Short, Linear Crew, and the District Henley. All items are made in California and the build quality is hella nice. Check out the video below highlighting the rigorous product testing involved:


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