Hang Loose w/ KevJumba and Dante Basco

So here is the synopsis of Hang Loose: Starring Kevin Wu (aka YouTube’s KevJumba) an average, conservative Asian-American male. Enduring his first break up and fresh out of high school, he flies to Hawai’i to attend the wedding of his big sister. The day before the wedding, he meets his future brother in law Dante (Dante Basco – Hook, the Debut) and they head out for a bachelor party with Dante’s frat boy groomsmen. A misunderstanding with a notorious drug dealer named BJ (Justin Chon – Twilight) leads to one crazy night and a series of misadventures that will change Kevin’s life forever. What did I think of the film? I’m goin in to find out:

Overall, what did you think?

At first, I thought Hang Loose was going to be a movie about an awkward kid that goes off to Hawaii to have the time of his life. I was only half right. Hang Loose takes a really interesting and hilarious turn for the worse, then good, then worse again. Kevin Wu flexes his acting chops in what appears to be his first feature film acting debut and gives a real impressive portrayal of a kid who comes-of-age. And I must say that I’m always impressed with Dante Basco and his work. Not only that, I learned that he actually produced Hang Loose alongside the talented folks at Kinetic Films. This made me really appreciate the film even more.

Worth noting: Online distribution has been the major driver for this film and for just $5, you get to enjoy the Hang Loose from the comfort of your own anywhere. Definitely worth the watch.

On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate this film?

5 out of 5! KevJumba was being KevJumba and you can never go wrong with that. As for Dante Basco, I’ve always been a fan of my fellow East Baylien! I’ve also learned a lot about the Hawaii nightlife thanks to this film…

Was the story clear?

Oh shoots. Fo sho brah!

Did you identify with any of the characters?

I found myself relating to both Kevin and Dante, in that: I was once that kid who needed that extra *ummph to help me bust out of my shell. On the flipside, I’ve always been that guy who was never afraid to “go in.” If that very essence of my very being was taken away, I’d probably freak out like Dante did. Don’t worry, though, I soon realized the beauty in front of me…just like Dante did in the film. But, thankfully, not under the same circumstances.

Did it remind you of any other film?

Hang Loose did remind me of some other films. Like Like a tamer version of Hangover meets Hawaii. With no tigers. There’s no tigers in Hawaii. Oh, and no roofies. Those are just bad news.

Who would you recommend this film to?

Are you a fan of KevJumba? Go watch this film. Are you a big fan of Dante Basco? Then, go watch this film. And do you want to be transported to Hawaii even if its just for a little while? Then, you should really hang loose with Hang Loose. I think you will really enjoy it!


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