New Flickr | Bettr Pictures and 1 TB


Flickr, an online photo management and photo sharing application, is now offering 1TB of FREE storage space for you to upload all of your digital pictures. Let that number settle in for a second. 1 TB. That’s about 1000 GB. Or, 1 million MB. Now, if you consider that a single image taken today on all digital cameras is ~ 3-5 MB, you’ll quickly realize that 1 TB is hella space! But that’s not all. The Flickr site as a whole received a new facelift emphasizing on a “better and brighter Flickr” by introducing a whole new user interface and experience.

Definitely worth checking out, and most definitely worth checking out for the 1 TB free storage space. I do think its worth mentioning that the 1 TB of storage space doesn’t come come completely free, as ads will be in there somewhere. I have yet to see what this’ll look like. On that note, there are paid options that will get rid of the ads if you so choose: street price ($49/year).

This news comes off the heels of Yahoo!’s latest acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 Billion and announcement of Yahoo!’s big move to NYC. Looks like Yahoo!’s days are looking bigger and brighter.

Learn more about the new Flickr, here.

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