New Myspace brings sexy back to Social

The New Myspace is finally here!! Okay, albeit in a limited access via invite only at this time. I received my invite yesterday, and began setting up my profile as I did with past social networks… ie: the (old) MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. New Myspace has a smooth professional UI, similar to a digital magazine feel about its profiles, featuring a much larger image of each user. Justin Timberlake’s influence on MySpace’s reboot is obvious. It has gone back to its roots, connecting through music.

I must say this is not a simple site upgrade. This is absolutely new, a complete start-over from the ground up. You are not going to find your old MySpace friends here until they get an invite and start from scratch.

The New MySpace has parts of other social networks: a friend suggestion process similar to Facebook’s, limited 150 character status update feel of Twitter, endless content stream similar to Pinterest, and a musical matching like Pandora. The combination of these key features brings a new social media experience.

So far I’m really feelin’ this… You will too…

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