NFL Logos bestowed the Game of Thrones Sigil-Style Treatment


Winter is coming. And that can only mean one thing. No, try as I may, it is not yet time for the new season of Game of Thrones to begin. BUT there is another battle brewing and that battle is the NFL, tackling its way into millions of homes nationwide. Yes, its football. Are you ready for it? And as the new season of american football begins, a young liege by the name of DJroomba decided to embark on a digital journey to join these two television forces into one and share his creations on Reddit. What you see before you is his efforts – an epic sigil-style treatment to all your favorite NFL teams. And its GOOD!

To view the entire Game of Thrones-style sigils, make your way here.

Oakland Raiders


Dallas Cowboys


[story via Mashable and Uproxx]

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