Nike Zoom Flight ’98 The Glove


With his recent induction into the Basketball Hall Of Fame, memories of Oakland, California’s own Gary Payton’s playing days pop back into my mind. One of the greatest point guards and also one the greatest trash talkers in NBA history, he was best known for his thirteen year stint with the now defunct Seattle Supersonics. One of the things I remember most were his player edition shoes from Nike. Nike will be re-releasing one of those signature shoes, the Nike Zoom Flight ’98 The Glove, this Saturday, October 5th. The first thing you’ll notice is the zippered, sleeve-like cover on the top of the shoe. This is where the name of the shoe comes from. The sleeve is meant to provide added support in addition to the laces found underneath it. The Nike Zoom sole adds responsiveness and comfort on or off the court. The clean, black and white silhouette ensures you can wear these wih almost anything. I, personally, am hoping to get my hands on a pair this coming weekend. Who’s with me?



Photos courtesy of: Sneaker News

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