Now Approaching: BART Fleet of the Future


BART is finally getting new trains and I must say that its about time. I remember when I used to take BART from Pittsburg to the Daly City station so I can get to class at San Francisco State. And at that time, I remember the trains being humid, the chairs dirty as hell (still comfy), one guy snorting…, and one dude had a snake. Wait, what were we talking about again?

Right. BART is introducing a new fleet of trains: Fleet of the Future. Features of the newer and better BART will include: quieter cars made possible by “micro-plug” doors to help seal out noise, cooling systems to distribute air directly to the ceilings for more comfortable on hot days, padded seats with lumbar support and covered with wipeable fabric for easy cleaning (THANK YOU!), routes will be color coded like the BART system map, and next stop information will be readily available via automated announcements and digital screens. These are just a few features that BART aims to include in its new fleet, but would like your input. So, “New train car builder Bombardier Transportation has built a life-sized model of the interior and exterior of approximately half of a train car for public viewing. BART would like you to walk through and tell us what you think.

For more information, take BART.

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