ODO™ Denim Jeans | Anti-Stain and Self-Cleans


Jeans are the most comfortable item in my wardrobe and if I could, I would wear my favorite pair everyday. But jeans get dirty and need to be cleaned pretty often. That’s where San Francisco-based company, odo™ DENIM steps in, and they’ve come up with a solution to keep your denim clean and never stain. What’s the secret? Silver fibers! The fibers in the denim repel stains and wick away sweat, which is a leading cause of stink-0-rama. Once you eliminate the culprits, you will have a pair of denim jeans that you can wear a long time without having to worry about washing them. Now, if they only had my cut: which is a low waisted, tight in the knee, then loose in the calf, but tapered at the ankle cut. I can never find it!

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