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Have you ever heard of the television show Mad Men? To put it simply, its a drama based in the 60’s that tells the stories of some real classy folks in an ad agency. After watching the first season, I’ve come to the conclusion that the ’60’s is like the Twilight Zone with a whole lot of excess going on: excessive smoking, excessive drinking, and a whole lot of crazy ’60’s drama. You should check it out. I also want to point out that, if it weren’t for this show, I would probably not have gained an interest in drinking. No, not as an alcoholic, but actually enjoying drinking alcohol. In the show, aside from the excessive smoking on, the gentleman are also drinking. Drinking after landing a client, drinking after a work, drinking during work, there’s just a whole lot of drinking going on. And that’s when I realized that’s pretty much how it is when you get older – you go out for a drink. Whether its for a Happy Hours or after a “damn, its been a hard day at work drink”, its nice to unwind with a nice libation.

One drink that I’m growing to enjoy more and more is an Old Fashioned. Its a cocktail concocted of sweets and bitters mixed with alcohol. My alcohol of choice recently has been whisky. And as you might guess, is a recurring “cast member” in Mad Men. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make it, and while I can always look on the internet, search for the ingredients, buy those ingredients, and make it at home – that’s just too much work.

So, it was on a serendipitous outing to Re:Make 2014 in San Francisco, that I had the opportunity to meet some good folks at Broquet and on display was their Old Fashioned Cocktail Set – an assortment of everything you’d need to make this excellent cocktail (sans the alcohol and oranges, of course). The set includes: Hella Bitters, the Outset Muddler, Tovolo Ice Sphere molds, the Fox Run Garnishing Tool, and in case you needed to know, directions on how to make an Old Fashioned.

Now, the only thing left to do is drink. Cheers!

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