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Smartphones have become an absolute must-have tool when doing anything work or leisure-related. For work, sending off emails to clients or doing research – are only a few tasks one could do. Everything computer related could also be done at your leisure – watch movies, listen to music, etc… But what if you could also do 3D printing from your phone? How awesome would that be?

That is the aim of the ONO 3D Printer, which uses your phone’s light and special “ink” (resin) that reacts to the light – to print out 3D models, gadgets and gizmos. Yes, now you can print 3D objects from, well by, your phone. And the process looks simple:

– Use the app or 3D design software of your choice (including 3D scanning)
– Select your object.
– Pour in the resin to the small basin.
– Put the top on and let printing commence.
– Print multiples of one object, or numerous objects at once
– Rinse under water upon finishing

Availability to the masses is not known yet, but you can stay up-to-date on when it will be here.

[image via ONO]

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