Paper Plane Chambray 5Panel by Benny Gold


Growing up, paper planes were one of my favorite things to make and play with. I mean, making one was easy: grab a sheet of paper, fold it into any semblance of a plane, then launch it in the air in hopes that it would soar in the air for at least a few seconds. If your paper plane didn’t fly as far as you’d wanted, you could always modify your design and make it better. Paper planes didn’t cost much, and best of all, anybody could do it. Paper plans are the best. And they still are.

That’s why, when I saw San Francisco-based company Benny Gold‘s Paper Planes 5-Panel Chambray, everything good I remember about my childhood was immediately brought back. I always thought my childhood would stay tucked away only in my memories, but now I see they can stay on my head, too.

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