Passing Time With The Mobile Game “Dunk Dreams”


Are you a basketball fan like I am? Like to play games on your iPhone? San Francisco based game developers Brothersport have put together a great game called “Dunk Dreams”. The gameplay is very easy to pickup on and will keep you busy for a good amount of time (I’ve been playing everyday for almost two months now..yikes). The premise of the game is this: You are a streetballer working your way through different tournaments to build up your rep and skills. There are weekly events and daily challenges that you can complete to win prizes. You can also use boost cards if you’re having problems beating a certain opponent. You can challenge your friends or look for random opponents online to play against and unlock new things to style and boost your character’s stats. The dope thing about this game is that you can dress your character in tops and hats from two of the Bay Area’s most known streetwear brands: TRUE and Illest. I highly recommend this game if you need help killing time. Maybe I’ll end up playing one you guys online!










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