Photos of You ‘Tagged’ on Instagram

Introducing Photos of You from Instagram on Vimeo.

Instagram has quickly become one of the most essential smartphone apps for sharing your photographs to all of your favorite social networks. The only problem is, searching and organizing photos of you and others can be a tough task to take on just shy of the hunt-and-peck method. One new feature baked right into the Instagram app that aims to make the search much easier is Photos of You, which is supposed to be a new way to share and discover stories on Instagram by the added ability to add #hashtags to your photos to identify the people in them. Privacy people: you can rest easy knowing you’ll have complete control of who you can add to your photos and also who you’d like to share it with. Not only that, there is another nifty feature that allows you to see who has added you to a photo by notification and you can choose to approve or deny what will show up on your Photos of You section. Now, if they can somehow work on Instagram notifications when I get messages…


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