Pókemon GO: Gotta Catch ‘Em All IRL

In 1995, Satoshi Tajiri created a world filled with fictional creatures called “Pocket Monsters.” In this world, humans can catch and train these pocket monsters to capture even more pocket monsters, in an effort to effectively capturing all the pocket monsters – all referring to an appendix listing all the pocket monsters known in existence. Even more satisfying was that you got to battle against humans who were just like you – trainers who caught and trained pocket monsters.

It started as a game on Nintendo‘s Game Boy and later became an animated series which gained extreme popularity in Japan. When it finally came to the US, it evolved into a worldwide phenomenon we’ve come to know simply as Pókemon.

Fast forward 20 years laster and this world which was created behind digital screens has made its way to the real-world thanks to San Francisco-based company, Niantic Labs – an internal Google startup, which eventually split from Google to become its own entity aimed at integrating the virtual Pókemon World with the real-world. And its done in a most epically, fun-filled (albeit augmented) way. Now you can travel in your real-world and catch all teh Pókemonz!


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