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From the blip bloops of long ago to the realistic graphics portrayed today, video games have always been at the epicenter of entertainment. Way back in ’85, I had my first gaming system: the Nintendo Entertainment System, better known as Nintendo. I played every single game they had delving into the world that awaited me. I become a plumber, fireballed my way to victory, and had way too many final fantasies. In order for me to stay on top of my game, I had to pick up issues of Nintendo Power or GamePro just to find out the latest tips and tricks and to also find out what the latest games would be. Then it all changed. As time passed, so did the video game industry.

Everything is online. Games and competitions have now gone online. Absorbing new information about video games has gone online, too. “Online” has become the new medium for gamers to gain new information and provides easy access to anything game-related we want. There is only one problem: “How do you keep up with all this information? There is just too much info for us to digest!” Ironically, finding out new information about video games have become increasingly difficult because there are just too many sites to read. Where does one even begin if they were looking up every new console configuration, video game release, developer news, etc… ? Without the brute-force approach, how do we keep up? Fortunately, there are a few blogsites that I feel have proven to be invaluable at providing video game information that is informative, vast – and most importanly, current. I consider these sites to be the best of the best – the cream of the crop in video game blogging. Naturally, there may be some bias towards video games that I like personally, but the blogs listed provide a good all-around look of whats happening now in video games. Check it out (in no particular order):

Wired: Game | Life




G4 Tv




Got Game








Gama Sutra


That Videogame Blog


And there you have it. The Top 10 Video Game Blogs. Anywhere.

If you have any additional suggestions or if you think we missed any blogsites, please let us know in the comments.

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