Product Review | Getting Organized w/ GRID-IT!®


Cocoon Innovations has come up with a simple solution to organize your life with The GRID-IT!® – an array of elastic bands sewn into a “grid” to provide endless ways to organize your digital devices, office supplies, photography accessories, and anything else you can imagine. The convenient size allows you to easily carry the GRID-IT!® along in your backpack, laptop and/or travel case, or in-hand when you’re out-and-about.


I’ve used other products before, which relied mainly on pockets and compartments to store everything, but those “pockets” were only useful if I remembered what I put in them. What was that saying again? “Out of sight, out of mind.” Most of the time I forgot where I put what where and could not find, for the life of me, what it was I was looking for. That’s not convenient at all!

This is where the GRID-IT!® really shines and why I find this product so useful. Like a mechanic with a toolbox to carry and organize tools, or a painter with a palette to set up paints, the GRID-IT!® is quite useful at organizing everything else. From electrical cords and battery packs, to pens and notebooks, the GRID-IT!® will hold it in and keep it in place – neatly organized, easily viewable, and convenient to carry around.


The elastic used to keep everything in place is reinforced with extra stitching five times over and is anchored by more stitching on the frame of the The GRID-IT!®. Only time will tell whether this will hold or not, but from the “testing” I’ve done so far, its looking like it’ll hold up for many years.



Pricing varies depending on size, but if you want to save yourself the headache of having to scurry around frantically trying to look for something, the GRID-IT!® will prove itself invaluable – no matter what size you order.


★★★★★ out of ★★★★★


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