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iFusion is the latest product release from AltiGen Communications that unifies traditional business communication devices with modern technology. To put it simply: a docking station for the iPhone.

The iFusion has, essentially, two features: inbound/outbound calling using the included handset, and an iPhone charger.

Set-up is simple: Plug in the iFusion adapter to an outlet and
‘Power on.’ Next, fix your iPhone into the cradle (which also charges your phone). Then, to ensure both the iFusion and iPhone communicate to each other correctly, enable Bluetooth on your iPhone (General ->Bluetooth ->’Switch to On’ ->Then, search for iFusion ->”Connect“). Once you have the two talking with each other, you’re pretty much set to make/receive phone calls.

Once set-up is complete, you can use your iPhone as normal – surf the net, check email, load your apps, play your music and more. If you receive a phone call, ”ANSWER” the call and it will either go straight to speakerphone or through to the handset. Once your call is complete, your activity prior to the phone call will resume.

Sound quality on calls through the handset is excellent. Same can be said about the speakerphone, although music played through it sounds satisfactory at best. Audiophiles will agree with me when I say that music should be played on dedicated music systems.

The iFusion goes for ($179.99) and supports all 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 models. Its aimed towards businesses, but also proves vital for home-use and/or your home-office.

I’ve had my iFusion for a few months now and I must admit that it has made quite the impression on me since I first caught wind of the iFusion at Macworld 2011. So much, in fact, that I ended up pre-ordering it at the introductory offer of $159.99 right there at Macworld.

Bottom Line: More and more individuals are turning to their mobile devices as a primary contact for both personal and business use and the iFusion brings them all together in a traditional, yet modern way.

Quick Tip: ANY Bluetooth-enabled phone will work with iFusion.

About iFusion

The first integrated communications docking station for iPhone.

Combining the capabilities of many top-selling iPhone accessories into a single device, the revolutionary iFusion utilizes Bluetooth technology to extend a traditional telephone handset and hands-free speakerphone with amazing voice clarity to the iPhone to meet the demanding requirements of today’s home and business consumer.

The unique cradle design of the iFusion supports the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, providing easy access to a dock connector port for syncing or charging, and an audio line out port for connecting to powered speakers via an optional audio cable, eliminating the need for a separate dock. With support for A2DP Bluetooth streaming, users are able to enjoy their favorite iPhone music over the internal speakerphone.

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