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The Apple iPhone 5 is the latest smartphone creation coming from Apple which includes an array of new features: a larger 4-inch Retina Display, new LTE Wireless connectivity for faster internet connection, a powerful A6 Chip to make your phone fly, a new Lightning Connector, an 8 MP Rear-facing camera w/ 1080 HD video recording, a new pair of headphones: the Earpods – an innovative way to listen to your music, and a whole new design. So, what do we think about it? This may very well be Apple’s most aesthetically pleasing product-to-date. Let’s find out why:



A product is only useful to you if you have it on you. And you’ll soon realize that the iPhone 5 will be the only thing you carry, replacing any other gadgets you may have. For example: if you normally carry around a point-and-shoot camera with you because its convenient to carry around, you’ll soon find that the iPhone will be an exceptional replacement. The iPhone 5’s camera captures some really impressive shots. Plus, it can do a whole lot more than your camera ever could.

From checking your emails to shooting videos, the iPhone 5 is really quite useful when you need a smartphone to help you handle all of your daily tasks. Not only that, this thing flies.


The new Apple iPhone 5 is even more fragile and more prone to scratching than my previously broken iPhone 4. Having said that, you’re going to want to purchase a case for this phone and get a protective screen to boot.

iPhone5 4


If you’re ready for an upgrade like I was, then this will cost you ($199) plus taxes+fees on a new 2-year agreement. Otherwise, regular pricing without a contract will run you ($499) plus taxes+fees.

My suggestion: shop around. Sometimes you’ll be able to get a good deal on it like I did ($147 for a new 2-year agreement!).


★★★★★ out of ★★★★★

Overall, if you are already familiar with Apple products or would like to use a smartphone that is real simple to use, then the iPhone 5 is a wondrou5 choice.


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