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The Prynt case is a wonderful device that prints photos from your smartphone instantly into a tangible memento. Coupled with the app, once you take your photo, you can follow that up by making a short video to provide more context behind the magic of that moment. If you want to relive the moment, simply scan the photo and your video will automagically play. Here’s our thoughts:


Prynt is all about making memories, whether it be digital or analog, and I think the usefulness comes in making those memories available via print and video. I really like the photos and how easy it is to snap a photo and print it out. I’ve got corkboards, whiteboards, and frames where all my photos can go. Its also nice that you can share and give the photos to friends and family.

The video capture is great, too. I like that I’m able to scan my photo and have the video play at a later time. Perfect for times when I want to share the story behind the photos. You know what would be nice, though? Perhaps my wishlist would be a feature to save the videos to my phone so I can share them on Facebook or Twitter. Or, even taking the Prynt videos and making videos on my computer. That would be pretty cool.


The case is durable, but I’m pretty sure if you dropped it, it would obliterate your case and *gasp your phone. Basically, take good care of your Prynt. Good thing it comes with a strap. And when you insert your phone, it fits nice and snug.


Street price ($149). Comes in Black or White.
Additional print paper will cost $25 for 50 sheets and is available online or through the App.


★★★★★ out of ★★★★★

Overall, Prynt is a fun device where you can share memories that’ll last outside your phone. Because, isn’t that where memories are made in the first place?

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