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The Dash by Bragi is an in-ear wireless audio device designed to make you hear things in new ways. The intelligent design allows the earpiece to communicate with your smartphone to do tasks like: make/receive phone calls, track your workouts, and of course, list to music. The Dash comes with a sleek looking cradle charger, a leash (so you can still have a “corded” connection w/ the earpieces), and an app to fine-tune the hardware. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, I received my earpieces and here are my thoughts:


Quite useful. When I’m out on runs, not only do I like to listen to music, I also want to track my run stats: running pace, distance, and time elapsed. With the Dash, I can have an audio-cue of all this information, which is great because I don’t have to fumble with my phone and can concentrate on running. I also find taking phone calls, talking to Siri, and dictating email through the Dash’s internal mic to be quite useful.And if you want to fine-tune anything, you can do so in Bragi’s Apple iPhone app.


If you’re not set out to intentionally break the Dash, then itll last yo the life of the batteries total half-life. Basically, its darn durable. Since they’re so small, I do recommend you get the fit of the earpieces just right, so you don’t get fearful of ever losing them. Which you may end up doing before you ever break them. Since that’s the case, use the leash to keep ’em on you. Always. Also, cleaning off the earwax is always a good idea.

Overall, the Dash are ideal for people looking for the latest in audio-listening technology. And then some!


Street price ($299)


★★★★★ out of ★★★★★

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