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Pebble Watch paired w/ Apple iPhone (Review) – “Hello. My name is Ed. And I have an addiction.” And my addiction is the constant desire to check my phone. To check and respond to email messages, send out and respond to text messages, and above all else, Facebook posts and Twitter updates must all be liked, commented on and infinitely scrolled. Its my incessant need to stay on top of all the latest news and to catch up and view all the party pictures my second friend twice removed went to when he graduated 3rd grade, that keeps me coming back to check my phone. Over and over again.

Surely, you’ve experienced the over-phone-checking madness for yourself. Maybe to a lesser degree. Or, maybe even more excessively. One thing is for sure: we can all stand to pay less attention to our phones. This is where the Pebble Watch comes in.

The Pebble Watch is a customizable e-ink paper watch with downloadable watchfaces that connects to your Apple iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth to notify you of all incoming phone calls, emails, and different messages types with a silent vibration.


The Pebble Watch is good-looking digital timepiece. But, keeping track of time is just one of the features of the Pebble Watch. The Pebble Watch shines brightest at notifications and it works like this: incoming phone calls, emails, text messages, iMessages, and even Facebook notifications are sent to your Pebble Watch from your phone. Here’s more of a breakdown of what I thought were the good and bad features of the Pebble Watch:

The hella good: clean look, customizable watch straps (I swapped the white strap that came with the White Pebble Watch for a black watch strap as shown above), water resistant, backlit light, music player controller capable, RunKeeper app compatible, downloadable watch faces, and its good at keeping time.

The hella bad: no battery indicator, limited app notifications (although more on the way), plastic shell kinda ruins the techie-feel aesthetic, and dropped Bluetooth connections (it dropped on me a couple of times on my runs). Plus, it took a long time for this watch to get into my hands and onto my wrist (one year, 3 months, and 1 day to the day of me backing this Project on Kickstarter).

The hella other: Many people will argue that the lack of touch features or the inability to talk and text from the watch will be a hindrance to the watch, preventing people from purchasing smartwatches like the Pebble Watch. But honestly, come on. It’s a watch. You can do all that special stuff on your phone. The point here is less distraction. More action.

My Unboxing

Despite the hella bad, I was still pretty stoked to get the Pebble Watch in the mail:


Fantastic. Although, plastic makes me go spastic. Hope I don’t scratch it. Make a me go. “Ooh.”


Street price ($150). Available online and now in limited colors at Best Buy.

Overall, despite the fact that smartwatch technology is still in its very early stages and adoption, the phone addict-stricken, tech savvy, and beyond will find the Pebble Watch extremely useful. You will still be able to read and review all of your notifications as you would normally, but now you won’t have to pick up your phone to get at them – which usually leads to you getting stuck in the vortex of your phone after checking your notifications in the first place! Will it be a cure for all the phone-checking-addicts out there? Only time will tell.


★★★★½ out of ★★★★★


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