Publish Brand Jogger Pants

I may be a little bit late to the party on this jogger pants craze that has been hitting like crazy the past couple of months. With the high volume of running shoes being released every year, there was a bit of a void for people to show them off in the colder months without having to wear shorts. Enter the jogger pants from Publish Brand. These pants come in different colors and fabrics and have the now highly sought after elastic cuff at the bottom of the pant leg. These pants are very versatile and can be worn with many different styles of shoes, not just runners. I just purchased my first pair a couple of weeks ago and they are VERY comfortable. Check out Publish Brand to read their blog and shop their available styles. They don’t just do pants, either.. Give them a look! You can also find them at higher end department stores like Nordstrom. They are completely worth the $82 price tag, trust me..

Video courtesy of: Publish Brand

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One thought on “Publish Brand Jogger Pants

  1. I’m most definitely going to get a pair of jogger pants. A light went off in me and I just realized I used to own a pair of pants similar to this when I was in elementary school. Looks like the evolution of that style is officially back!