Food Files – QQ Noodle Makes Me QQ


QQ Noodle boasts being home to the best noodles around. And guess what? I think they’re absolutely right. The secret? It must be in the name. QQ Noodle noodles will make you QQ. And what’s QQ? Well, in l33t-speak, QQ means to cry. And in this case, you’ll be crying for the good food at QQ Noodle.

Or, perhaps it was what I ordered that made me cry. The #20: a mouthwatering bowl of hand-pulled noodle (firm and chewy), with spicy pork and vegetables served dry (no soup). It was spicy. It was delicious. Now, I don’t know if you will have the same experience I had, but with the wide variety of dishes QQ Noodle offers ( that range from soup-based noodles to rice dishes) I’m sure you’ll finding something that’ll make you go QQ, too.

QQ Noodle is located at 10889 S Blaney Ave, Cupertino, CA.

[image via edoPENO on iPhone]

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