RINGSIDE || Tristan “Titay” Arenal

It is not everyday where you cross paths with individuals who truly inspire you. People who teach you a thing or two about life itself–people who through their example push you to become better than what you are now. As human beings we look to everything for inspiration. We look all over the place to find a thing or two to inspire us. Sometimes I think we look too far, and we often overlook those people that are closest to us–the “regular” people who we encounter in our daily lives.

This new series for Edopeno.com is entitled Ringside, and it will be featuring local fighters in the greater Bay Area. Most of them represent Unlimited MMA, mainly because these are the people who I draw inspiration from. Being able to train side by side with them is not only a privilege but also a blessing. I am lucky than I get a chance to see them daily and get to witness the amount of hardwork they put in first-hand. I think this series is the perfect outlet to share their story and to be able to tell everyone about them.

The third episode features MMA fighter Tristan Arenal. Tristan Arenal will be making his first appearance in the Kickboxing Ring since his amateur career to participate in the prestigious K-1 Event at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio on February 28th.

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