RunKeeper and Pebble Make Good Running Partners

Do you like to run? Well, then I’ve got a couple of running partners you’ll want to take with you on every run you run. Our first running partner: the RunKeeper App for your Apple iPhone or Google Android phone makes it real easy to keep track of your runs and stats: time, distance, elevation, pace, routes, calories burned, and workout type – all on an easy-to-read (and use) interface to help you keep track of and record all your runs. Training for a marathon? RunKeeper comes equipped with helpful running schedules with reminders to help you stay on track with your fitness goals so you’ll be ready for race day.

Our second running partner: the Pebble Watch. The most impressive feature you’ll want to take note of is the Pebble’s ability to connect to RunKeeper and display all of your running information right on the watch. This allows you to fully concentrate on your run by simply looking at your wrist instead of fumbling through your pockets and fiddling through menus on your phone for the same information.

So, be sure to grab these two and go. They really do make good running partners!

To download RunKeeper, go here.
To purchase a Pebble Watch, go here.

[via RunKeeper]

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