Running in Nike’s BETRUE Air Pegasus 34 | Part of a 2017 Collection that Celebrates the LGBTQ Community

There’s just something about the Nike Air Pegasus 34 that I like so much. Is it because they’re perfect for my running? Perhaps. Or, is it because the look of the shoe and all the colors are so damn fierce? You can say that. Or, is it because these kicks are part of Nike’s #BETRUE campaign, which is to celebrate the LGBTQ community. Probably. But the reality is, its to celebrate all of these things. And having already put in 10 miles on the shoe, I will say this, they feel like I’m “Walking on A Dream.” How can I explain? Maybe I can explain here.


[image via Ed Penano. Thank you to the Nike rep on Twitter for answering my shoe questions and is the reason I picked them up!]

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