As the summertime final arrives in May again.  We all look forward to all the perks about summertime. From vacation time, the weather, the fashion trends, BBQ’s and events this year. This is the part of the year where we all can’t wait to enjoy with friends and family.

One event in particular that I look forward to going this year in May is the San Jose Sake Festival. Located in downtown Japan town in San Jose, the 8th annual Sake San Jose will take place on May 23rd. I’ve attending the San Jose Sake Festival before a couple of years back and I had a blast. This is an event that gets the entire Japan town business community involved. Basically, you go around to each business that is participating in the event and take shots of Sake. Sounds interest, right? I don’t need to explain much, but you get the idea now if you never attended before. This is a great way to enjoy a time out with friends and family as you go around Japan town trying the different varieties of Sake, the food, and the celebration.

So, if you’re looking for something different to do during the week. Then you want to come out and enjoy this once in a year event. Tickets are limited and cheaper to purchase them online. Get them now while the prices are good!

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