San Francisco Comic Con 2016 | Friday Photos


San Francisco Comic Con 2016 has finally arrived and all I gotta say is “its about time”! Mainly because its been awhile since I’ve seen a comic con in The City. This inaugural event is being held at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis and welcomes all the good folks that love comic books and everything that comes from them. We’re talking the Artists, the CosPlayers, the fans, and everyone/everything in between. There are also panels that’ll pique your interest on different topics. Best of all? Its fun for the whole family.

On the official Day One of the convention, I was able to re-connect with friends, meet new folks, attend panels, and of course, capture a bit of the fun at the convention through photos. Which I’d like to share with you. Please enjoy.

And if you were/will be there, please say “Hi” in the comments/tweet/IG and/or FB message me.
Now, enjoy the photos!

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