Movie Review | Scott Pilgrim vs. The World…pure epicness!!!

If you’re planning to see a movie this weekend, go see Scott Pilgrim vs The World! This comic book based movie is so much fun and hilarious! It’ll have you laughing and at an awe at the same time every single minute! I’ve never read the comic book, but after watching this movie, I am so gonna get the graphic novel! lol…SPvsTW was so beautifully done, it was visually orgasmic…the colors…the fight scenes…and OMG…the soundtrack to this movie is freakin’ dope as faWk!!! I was so amazed on how this movie was shot…it was like straight out of the comic book/video game style…it was EPIC! I would totally watch it again! So yeah, I highly recommend this movie, even if you never read the comic book, you’ll be blown away with awesomeness in every scene! So go see it!

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