Sederu Spring Collection


Our friends at Seize x Defend x Rule recently launched a women’s line SEDERU. This Saturday, April 13 their Spring Collection arrives at the 2twenty5 boutique in Japantown. Seize x Defend x Rule is a clothing brand based in San Jose. They pride themselves in thinking out of the box, and providing a positive message through their designs. Sederu is the women’s component of SDR.

Our motto is our name, and our name is our lifestyle.

As the years pass by we only grow stronger. We keep honing our skills through life’s trials and experiences only waiting for the most strategic time to strike. We have seen our world grow weak and vulnerable.

To us, this is the perfect time to seize the crown. Our only motivation is success and the total destruction of mediocrity. Whoever joins us in this campaign shall reap the benefits and have a true understanding of their own potential to make a positive change in their kingdom.


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One thought on “Sederu Spring Collection

  1. The new SDR Women’s line is magnifiqué! I wanted to know what the motivation for the Spring 2013 line was. Any ideas or thoughts?