Sensel Morph | Such a Touching Digital Input Device


There’s a long history of devices that have been used to input information to a computer. First, there was the keyboard. Then, the mouse. And the current, most natural way to communicate with a device, uses touch. But out of all the touch options available out in the wild right now, none impresses me more than the Sensel Morph. Quoted as “the next generation of touch technology. Containing 20,000 pressure sensors, it detects a range of pressures along with multi-touch, allowing it to detect any object.” What that means is that it responds to touch pretty darn close to how humans “experience” touch and translates that for the computer in a more human-like way. And its application is vast. From artistic to audio, productive to photographic, Sensel Morph is looking to be the touch device everyone can’t wait to get their hands on.

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