Shards: Volume 1 – A Graphic Novel Anthology by In Hiatus Studios


Shard. Defined as a price or fragment of a brittle substance. An example: shards of glass. When I think of the word shard, my mind typically wanders to pieces of something that once was. Like fragments of a glorious statue. On the other hand, the word shard also reminds me of what are now fragments of a once glorious statue.

It is in this polarizing thinking where I believe In Hiatus Studios new graphic entitled Shards: Volume I lay, as fragments of a story pieced together somehow, but also stories all their own.The stories told in Shard offer pieces to a bigger story which has been on the minds of their creators: Pip Reyes, Rafael Salazar, Matthew Ng, Don Ellis Aguillo, and Kimberly Moss – and the stories now given an opportunity to be told.

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