Slim your wallet with a single COIN


San Francisco, CA – While modern technology dismisses analog devices and delves deeper into digital, one coin-maker is creating a gadget that synergistically fuses teh digital with the traditional. Its an all-in-one credit card called COIN and the premise behind what it does is that it consolidates all your credit cards, gift cards, and membership cards and combines them all together into one swipeable card. That’s really convenient. The combining of the cards happens when you swipe & scan your cards, via a card-swiper, and take a picture – these actions retain your card information to the coin-server for later use. There is an unlimited amount of how many cards you can swipe, but on the COIN itself, you are allowed to load up to 8 cards. Currently, the COIN is going for $50 pre-order and the COIN card itself, on a single (no battery replacement) charge, will last you 2 years.

I’ve already pre-ordered mine and I am looking forward to using COIN. If you’re interested, please use *my links below! Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

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*disclaimer: the links I provide are my referral links. I get incentive if you click on these links and order from them. You will too if you go through the same process.

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