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Our latest Spotlight Series features a young artist, who only after a few years of being in the game has quickly become one of the hometown favorites. San Jose native, Don Prahfit is an intelligent, well-versed individual. He is living proof that the Bay Area Hip-hop community has much more to offer than going dumb.” His eclectic exposure to music is evident in the type of work that he puts out.

I had a pleasure of sitting down with this young man at The Usuals, in San Jose to talk a little about himself, and about his upcoming EP called Future Hop:

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Aileen is a Contributing Editor for - She also serves as the host on the website's Spotlight Series, where they profile local artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. A product of San Jose, Aileen's goal is to showcase the multitude of talent and creativity that this city has to offer, through social media outlets and her website. She currently has a recurring guest co-host spot on a weekly internet show called The Lions Den.

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