Spotlight Series: Unsettle&Company

Welcome to our Spotlight Series – an endeavor to discover new and emerging streetwear and style companies in the Bay Area. In this Spotlight Series, we learn more about San Francisco’s very own Unsettle&Company:

Where are you From?

San Francisco. Born and raised. Yes, the actual city.

What was the inspiration for starting Unsettle&Company?

We originally started as a handcrafted leather goods brand. As we slowly grew, we had so many ideas for products, but didn’t want to be limited to just leather. That’s when the first idea for multi-functional but well designed goods came and we developed The Unclip Keychain. We were truly inspired from growing up in San Francisco and realized that we wanted to create products for our own lives in the city. Since I biked from school to practice to the gym, I needed gear fit for an eclectic lifestyle. That sparked the beginning of our company.

What is the ideology behind the name?

Unsettle&Company came from two inspirations:

1) The word just looked beautiful in lowercase helvetica.
2) We wanted to spread a positive message and represent people who don’t settle for anything less in life. People who continue to strive for more. The pre-fix “un” means to not and so we thought it would be a perfect way to turn a negative word into a positive one with a positive message. Just how we don’t settle for anything less when it comes to product development. We always try to innovate and bring new ideas to the board.

What inspires you? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Personally, I’m always inspired by other people. Not only people that I look up to, but people that I meet every day. It’s just crazy to me that each individual on this planet has their own unique story. That inspires me to create my own. To have my life be a novel to look back at when I’m old and hope it becomes a best seller.

Inspiration for ideas usually come from some type of problem I deal with on the day-to-day. For example, I was hanging out with some buddies and we had the hardest time finding a bottle opener so we resorted to using our keys. That’s how the Unclip Keychain came about. I believe everyone has creative potential. It’s all about how they choose to use it throughout the day.

What inspires your products?

We simply want to create products we’d use ourselves. Products that we could use throughout the day no matter the environment we were in. That’s why all of our products may not seem functional when you first lay your eyes on them, but design-wise, they’re hidden with unique functions that serve some purpose. We’re inspired by the cool functionalities of gear back in the 70’s and the designs of our modern times.

What is your message to the world?

Balance is key. Hopefully people can draw some sense of that in our products and brand. We heavily emphasize balance in all facets of life. Whether it’s in our designs or in how you choose to go about your relationships and career, balance is the one ideology you can use to create fulfillment and happiness. Be serious, but not too serious. Have some fun once in a while. Trust us, we learned the hard way.

Who’s your favorite sports team?

I got to rep the Warriors/49ers, but when it comes to a sports team I grew up watching, I got to say the 2004/2005 Houston Rockets. Yao Ming inspired me to want to become an NBA player as a kid. Didn’t have much luck with that.

What events can we expect you at? Where can we find you online?

We’re currently based in San Diego right now and hoping to throw an art installation/concert some time in the upcoming months. Easiest way to keep up with us is to sign up for our newsletter. Otherwise, you can check out our website:

Special thanks to Charlie Yip of Unsettle&Company. Thank you for your time.

[images courtesy of Unsettle&Company]

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