Succulent Monsters | Bringing a Bit of Nature, Indoors


It was a nice and sunny day in San Francisco when K and I attended Re: Make 2015 – a festival where you can have a hand at DIY projects and, better yet, shop local handmade goods. Our focus for the day? Find new and cool stuff to give as presents to friends and family. One place we found to be especially awesome was Succulent Monsters. The creations they made caught our eye right away. How cool is it to have a monster so kawaii carrying a bit of nature on its back? Best of all, you can bring it inside!

About Succulent Monsters

Succulent Monsters are intended to add a dash of green on your desk and a bit of delight in your day. Each one is 3D printed, including the porcelain ones. If you ever have any questions about 3D printing, Claudia would be more than happy to speak at length with you. More at Succulent Monsters

[image via Succulent Monsters]

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