Super Mario Bros. BART Map

BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system that will magically transport you to the major hotspots in the Bay Area. We’re talking stops in San Francisco, Oakland, the East Bay and South Bay. Its like you enter this podlike device, and just like that, you’re there.

During my college years, I took BART. A lot. My route? Pittsburg/Bay Point to and from San Francisco. I can still remember during my commute, looking at the BART map to see what stop we were just at, then counting how many more stops to go before I reached my destination. The BART map wasn’t special or anything, but it did keep me entertained (obviously this was before smartphones). But if I had a BART map to look at like the Super Mario Bros. map by [designer/improvisor/actor/comedian] Robert Bacon, I’d probably want to stay on BART as long as I could (and not because I overslept my stop!) just to check out the map. Or, maybe its just because I really dig his video game art. You see your city?

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